Hello Gocompare.com!

My name is Joe Tannorella.

I know this page contains a giant wall of text, but please bear with me.

I recently read an interesting article. The general premise was that, when you need to contact someone of importance that you do not know, you should K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) and offer some sort of value to the recipient. With that being said...

I will be graduating this summer with a degree in Economics. When I leave university I will be looking for a job. I've weighed up my options and come to the conclusion that the company I would absolutely most like to work for is Gocompare.com.

What is this website, then?

...I hear you ask. Well, I needed a way to get the attention of Gocompare.com. I thought about simply paying to send an InMail message via LinkedIn to your CEO or Marketing Director, but I didn't think that was interesting enough (not to mention the fact it didn't add any value, and it'd probably just seem weird?!).

This website is my way of getting your attention, and ultimately it is serving as a job application for employment within your company.

My idea is simple, wouldn't require a huge amount of resources, and could potentially go extremely viral and, as a result, impact ROI in a direct and measurable way.

My idea is to offer the public the choice of how next to "save the nation" from Gio Compario, the annoying opera singer. Instead of the marketing department choosing how to dispose of him, the public could vote and make their own suggestions. The choices could be shortlisted from a website (as seen on the mock-up on the next page). Then, maybe, you could run a series of TV adverts where the public text to make the final decision on how to get rid of Gio next. Then the final stage is to actually show the winning entry on TV, and save the nation using the method chosen by the public.

To vote on how to dispose of Gio next, a user would need to simply enter their email address on the promotional website (seen on the next page). Similarly, in the later TV advert version, to vote you would need to text a special number (with 3 different options to get rid of Gio). Both methods would essentially serve as a form of lead generation for Gocompare.com, and ultimately the campaign would also raise awareness of the business.

Please note this is simply a mock-up and does not actually allow you to vote or make suggestions. Similarly, there are many improvements to be made in terms of the UX/UI, design, layout and so on. I feel this simply gets my idea across in as simple a way as possible.

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